FORTRESSES The fortresses on the territory of Serbia have been built since ancient times, apart from being important historical monuments, the fortresses of Serbia leave you breathless with their beauty. They were built to protect cities, estates or monasteries, and were an important part of the military strategies of the Middle Ages. If you want to feel the atmosphere of medieval cities and go back to the era of medieval rulers, knights, and great battles, set out to explore some of the 40 remaining former magnificent fortresses. Most of the fortresses that retained their military function during the Middle Ages have been preserved. Today, some of these fortresses have received new life, new energy, and a new purpose – numerous cultural events are held in them. Important fortresses along the Danube represent some of the most powerful European fortifications – Petrovaradin, Kalemegdan, Smederevo Fortress, Ramska, Golubac Fortress, Fetislam… Belgrade Fortress is a kind of museum of the history of Belgrade. It was demolished, built, and extended by various peoples who ruled this area until the 18th century. For centuries, Kalemegdan, the Belgrade fortress, was a Roman castrum, a Byzantine castle, a medieval fortified capital of the Serbian despotate, and an Austrian and Ottoman artillery fortress. Petrovaradin, often called Giblartar on the Danube, was built from 1692 to 1780. It was built by the Austrians on the foundations of Roman Kuzum and medieval Petrikon, today Petrovaradin Fortress is one of the best-preserved fortresses in Europe. Of special importance is the fortress Stari Ras, one of the oldest fortresses in Serbia from the 12th century, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Maglič Fortress, Niš Fortress, Manasija Monastery with Fortress, Koznik, Pirot City, Bač, Stalać Tower also occupy an important place. through two gates. It is believed that the fortress Maglič was built by King Uroš I, in order to protect the access to the monasteries Studenica and Žiča. Apart from being a kind of historical monument, the fortresses of Serbia are also very interesting tourist sites.

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