Serbia Spas

Serbia spas are real ecological centers that abound in natural beauty, hot and cold water sources, mineral waters, clean air, healing mud and gases, health, wellness, and spa centers that complete the spa wealth of Serbia. The centuries-old tradition of using thermal springs, which the Romans used in Serbia for relaxation and healing 2,000 years ago, has been preserved to this day. Serbian spas generally have a mild climate, and many spas are located at the foot of mountains or in mild valleys, surrounded by forest and protected from strong winds. Serbia has over 1000 springs and over 50 spas on them, which has made spa tourism one of the most developed tourist branches. In addition to spas with mineral and thermal waters, Serbia also boasts air spas. Formed in places where air currents intertwine, tucked away among forests that are natural air purifiers, they have become purifiers for a healthy life. Air spas are Divčibarska plateau, mountains Zlatar and Zlatibor, mountain Golija and the town of Ivanjica, Kopaonik and Lukovska spa. According to the territorial distribution, the spas of Serbia can be divided into five regions: the spas of Eastern Serbia, Central Serbia, Northern, Western and Southern Serbia. The most visited spas in Serbia are Vrnjacka Banja and Sokobanja and they are rightly called the “queens of spa tourism”. Other spas, such as Prolom Banja, Lukovska, Niška, Ribarska, Bukovicka, and others, have an increasing number of guests and are a rich part of spa tourism in Serbia. Spas are often the centers of various cultural events that are an opportunity to get to know the culture, history, and ethnos of Serbia, folk culinary customs, and other events. In the spas of Serbia, you can find everything you need for the rest of the body and soul of a modern man.

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