The mountains of Serbia are characterized by their unreal natural and historical wealth. Due to their wilderness, some parts of the mountains of Serbia will forever remain mysterious and unexplored. The mountains of Serbia are an invaluable natural treasure of crystal clear lakes, waterfalls and cascades, hidden caves, canyons and gorges, dense forests, pastures, and meadows. The mountains of Serbia are one of the most attractive places for leisure and enjoyment of nature. In many mountains of Serbia, there are famous tourist centers – Kopaonik, Tara, Zlatibor, Stara Planina, Goc, Divcibare, Rudnik, Jastrebac, Shar planina, Prokletije… The mountains of Serbia and their mountain peaks, many of which have an altitude of over 2000 meters, have great potential for the development of rural, hunting, cycling, and congress tourism. They are very suitable for various activities such as hiking, mountaineering, skiing, paragliding. Due to the different offers, the mountains of Serbia are a frequent holiday destination. Look for a rest for your soul in the murmur of clean mountain streams, in the scent of mountain flowers, skiing on excellent trails, a break with mulled wine by the fireplace… Welcome to the mountains of Serbia!

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