The villages of Serbia are modern guardians of the Serbian tradition, which, along with the hospitality and warmth of the hosts, provide an opportunity to experience all the diversity of rural Serbia. Rural households in Vojvodina depict authentic life in the countryside in a peaceful plain in northern Serbia. In search of a good vacation and a calm Paorian atmosphere, a stay in the villages of Vojvodina will make you forget about the stress and hectic life in the city. The villages of Western Serbia represent a true oasis of peace and harmony. Here you can relax in sculptures, wooden huts, pick raspberries, plums and enjoy nature. Known for its many forests, the villages of Šumadija provide excellent opportunities to stay in the countryside. Relax with a glass of homemade wine or Šumadija tea and enjoy the view of fertile vineyards, orchards, and forests. Rural households in Eastern Serbia are very diverse. some are on the banks of the Danube and a real paradise for anglers and fish lovers, while some are located on the slopes of mountains suitable for hiking, mountaineering, or picking herbs. Untouched nature, clean air, clean water, and delicious food, traditional ambiance, but also the hospitality of Serbian peasants are the main characteristics of the ethnic village. Numerous ethnic villages were built on the model of old Serbian villages in which the heritage of one people is preserved. In them, you can embark on the adventure of preparing traditional Serbian dishes, or making world-famous plum brandy, wine, winter food, try yourself in old, already forgotten crafts…

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