NATIONAL PARKS The National parks of Serbia are places of unreal beauty, diverse flora, and fauna, invaluable cultural, historical, and natural monuments, as well as lookouts from which indescribable views of their untouched nature are offered. National parks of Serbia imply one of the highest forms of environmental protection and represent the lungs of the country and green oases. National parks of Serbia will reveal to you only the best of Serbian natural beauties. Serbia has five national parks: Frushka Gora, Djerdap, Tara, Kopaonik, and Shar Mountain. In them, you can go in search of some of the most endangered plant and animal species, enjoy the amazing landscapes or dedicate yourself to collecting medicinal herbs and mushrooms. Fruška Gora National Park is the oldest National Park in Serbia, founded in 1960. Its greatest values ​​are deciduous forests and cultural and historical monuments, which are 16 monasteries from the 15th and 16th centuries. Djerdap National Park was founded in 1974. The greatest natural values ​​are mixed deciduous forests, rare plants, and the river flow of the Danube. Within the park, there is also the archeological habitat Lepenski Vir. Tara National Park was founded in 1981 and the greatest natural value of the park is represented by the forests of Pančić spruce, beech, fir, and spruce. Kopaonik National Park was founded in 1981, and special stands of mixed forests of spruce, fir, beech, and maple stand out. It is a habitat of rare plants such as eelgrass. Sharr Mountain National Park was established in 1986. A special value of the park is the habitats of the Balkan lynx, as well as the preserved forests of Molika and Munika, as well as glacial circuses with glacial lakes. The national parks of Serbia are masterpieces of nature, which with their unreal beauty, authentic flora and fauna, and cultural heritage attract an increasing number of tourists from all over the world.

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